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Postage Stamp Museum of Mongolia

Mongolia joined the world of postage stamps in 1924. Since then stamps issued by Mongol Post have been sent to all corners of the world and many people have had an intriguing glimpse into our history. In the Mongolian Postage Stamp Museum you will find a great collection of stamps issued since those early days.

Over 1019 issues have followed that first issue of 1924, called “Eldev-Ochir” or “Scepter of Indra” altogether containing over 4,061 stamps. There have been many highlights over the years, but we can only mention a few. Those that come to mind are the “Living Treasuries of Asia” issue, a set of thirty 23-karat gold stamps depicting Mongolian wildlife and of course the set of 12 silk souvenir sheets from the 1980’s. Mongolia has also produced two holographic issues with one of them featuring the famous Przewalksi horses.

Visiting the museum will give you the chance to better understand the history of both the Mongols and Mongolia and see the richness of our country told through the humble postage stamp.

We believe that you will very much enjoy a visit to our museum and you will be able to obtain most of the stamps of your choice at our shop. We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that our museum will enrich your Mongolian experience.

Opening Hours:        Monday - Friday from 09.00 am until 6.00 pm

                                     Saturday, Sunday closed.

Location:                   Central Post Office, Hall “A”

Tel: 70078975; 99141463          Fax: 70078960


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